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Why are we always the ultimate target? Why are we the majority of calamity, and tragedy in America; are always at the highest rate of destruction or the lowest on the recovery?  From the Civil to Vietnam wars, we died, were inflicted or devastated more than any other. From the onset of the lowest form of drug addiction and manifestation, to the most recipient of illegal weapons that we fell pry to. Why is it that we are the highest statistically, residing in the poorest of poor neighborhoods, the worst of worst dwellings? Reciepients of the highest mortality rates, health related issues, crime infested areas? It is not because we are inferior, for our greatness has risen, inspite of the atrocities, to the highest office.  It is clear and simply because we, as African Americans, have always been and continue to be the target. We are the feared, that if we are held on level ground, we may come up superior, that is only to those who purposely try to hold us down, keep us back. For those are the ones that feel inferior even amongst their own breed; therefore, "Hell or highwater will they take that same treatment from a nigga".

I just finished watching the Gary Webb documentary, Kill the Messenger, and it brought me to tears, while opening my eyes to just how entrenched we are in this racism and inferiority complex that has created methodologies and philosophies of white supremacy, to ensure that we will never be able to rise without the fight of our lives. Without fighting each and every day for our families, our children, our dignity, legacy and future in America, and basically around the world, as this illness has permeated itself within the depths of societies and engulfed Caucasians with fear of annihilation through people of color.

Oh GOD, help me, help us. Forgive us for our arrogance of the past that has created this ignorance of the present of who we are and whose we are to ourselves, each other, the world and most of all to You.




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