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The Undercover NYTimes Cover

The Undercover NYTimes Cover


These pundits are about to rewrite his-story to Make America White Again. Where the last 8 years will be revised, disguised, improvised to create a storybook assessment on how we made America Great again by whitewashing it. You see we became so distracted from what the real agenda was by rhetorical propaganda, that we served our progress over on a silver platter. And when I say, our progress, I don’t just mean African Americans, but we Americas progress to heal some of the scars that still is embedded in our souls. I realized at the very beginning of this menstrual cycle was just a farce to conceal the covert operation that was in place to erase his-story; to tarnish the reputation of the first African American presidency.

Even one of the most reputable newspapers, whose so-called election prophecy plummeted to the abyss, has become the forefront of the new regimes message with the above cover story. “Historians Assess Obama’s (not even President) Legacy Under Trumps Shadow.” That title alone not acknowledging the President as such, placing on the same level ground as Trump just before the sinking ship starts drowning. “Political Scholars offering the “first historical assessment” of the Obama presidency gather to make revisions after the election.” Revisions to his presidency? Gathering to make revisions? I don’t even have to read the story to read between the lines of black and white. The above photo2 alone reveals a Great President in the darkness, with what looks like (subliminal suggestion) like a flame hovering over his head ready to consume him. Then to have an officer of the law standing on each side of him. One male law officer, one female officer, both Black threading the ties between them. Woven into the metaphoric image is that behind the curtains of American society, regardless of state or stature, this reflection will soon be submerged into the shadows of darkness until the red curtains are dropped and the lights go out.


This election wasn’t about one man, it was about an idealogy, of white supremacy built on lawlessness and unorder, under both premises “let’s make America Great again with Law and Order.” No one was bold enough to do it and say it but the apprentice himself.


If someone tells you who they are, believe it.


The ideology had begun in the early 50’s under the Roy Cohen, Sen. Joseph McCarthy's chief counsel; during the civil rights era ; thru the streets of The Empire State of the Americas; in the eighties when we were super predators of both candidates; and the nuances of the first advertising media conviction of the Central Park 5 campaign, was just the beginning of being trumped. From pow to wow, this stuff works to African Americans being the highest in ethnicities usage of television, social media and advertising dollars spent . This technique worked so much that prisons became stock on the market through calculations of education of the sensationalism of the advertising media plan of action.






Trump told us he is a racist, sexist, narcissist individual whose one and only vice is to win by divide and conquer. Us against them. You against me. We against ourselves. Because most likely all of us saw a little of ourselves inside of this multi-faceted illuminated apprentice demi-god that spoke to every devilish aspect of our being, thru the seven deadly sins. Greed, pride, gluttony, lust, envy, wrath and sloth. The power of advertising influencing millions of minds all at one time, more than once, made its reach insatiable. When Hollywood became Washington the movement went from the streets to the screen.



Sex, drugs and alcohol


Orange became the new black while apples were cutting to the core of our souls slice by slice splitting the seeds of minds and souls.

Gay started being used as the, instead of inclusive of our family structure, exclusively dividend of and within the family foundation.

The presidency off-handedly legitimized taboos of black and white men and women consecutively embraced to dilute the African seed.

All these stories told in front of our eyes temporarily blocking our vision, was the distraction needed to divide and conquer.



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