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About Us

About Us, is about You and Me; Him and Her; Them and Us, whom are part of the African American experience of the African Diaspora. About Us, is about over 500 years of African history, in and of America, and its contribution in making America one of the Greatest countries in the world. Of how it's power was built on the strength and triumpth of the African bloodline, sweat and tears. This is About Us, You and Me; Him and Her; Them and Us.

An idea is born every day, with new life.

Why Us?

...because we need a platform where we can seek and find the truth through the lies of racism, sexism, religious intolerance, hatred and discrimination in any shape or form. A platform providing media content that is impactful and trustworthy. A platform providing resources to assist in seeking social and political justice, equality, prison reform and religious freedom, as provided by Our Constitution of Our United States of America!

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