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America, This Land is My Land too...

& Blue

Voices of Poetry,Media&More

Voices of Poetry,Media&More

Here we go with the dehumanizing of an African American man in order to justify or downplay his annihilation. Just saw a story on cnn website with "details of Scott's past emerges..."

Like it just emerged out of the circumference of the evil intent it submerged from. What in the tea in China does that have to do with this mans untimely and unwarranted execution based on biased fears of "the big black man." As so readily stated in Oklahoma.




What would we have to lose Trump? First, of All reasons, let's start with you!

T = Our Triumph of what we have accomplished and our acknowledgement and celebration of that throughout the world. We have triumphed and how you portray us is as failures; "no jobs...58% of our youth unemployed" not educated and poor" that's how you identify with us, as a "Great White Hope"!

How dare you trump. This is not a television show.

R= Reputation. We would lose our reputation as Americans as you constantly refer to us as youse People. And we're reputable Americans at that! 

U = Understanding. You would attempt to destroy the understanding of who we are on the international arena as viable African Americans who have not only influenced American genre and imagery, but the world. And by voting for you would diminish that understanding by conjuring up the stereotypical portrayal of who we are as second class citizens. The world understands our position, and you will not destroy it by being elected. 

M = Movement our current, past and future movement that has pivoted us to the heights of American society, Presidency, Our culture, Our wisdom, our Poise and Our Positions around the world. We have moved from the backdrop of American society to the forefront and we will be damned if we allow you to intercept that movement for your narcissistic ideal of white supremacy with "Make America Great Again" campaign. Great for who and again from when and where!

P = Power there is Power in Unity and by putting Blacks against Hispanics; Whites against Blacks; America against Muslims; against immigrants; party against party is indicative of the Great divide to diminish the Power that we have as a unit to vote you out! Power to say;

You're Fired!!!

Aug. 21




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