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The highest chamber of America will soon represent greed and deceit through lies, oh but as such a time as this, the Truth of Righteousness will come upon them with a vengeance. For Light will Always overcome darkness. This story has been told many times before, to us by GOD Almighty, whose Hand extends beyond time. Listen oh my fellow brethen, as He is calling out our name from the depths of the captivity that has tried to hold us back. Hold us back from reclaiming our position upon the throne. Wake up you sleepers and see the dream catchers that creeped into your head while you lay troubled. Hear your children as they cry out for us to open up the gateways of heaven. Armor them with the words of righteousness to steer and direct their energy towards the Light at the end and beginning of this tunnel. Prepare them to receive the torch to run through the darkness that laid wait within the shadows. Stand up my Brothers and Sisters and take back your inheritance that was promised to you. Fear no man when you have GOD at your side as your guide, your protector your Creator. Lift up your hand and charge toward to overtake the kingdom that leads to its Holy Place within our realms. Seek the Love that He has instilled within your spirit to lead you and strengthen you to spearhead the journey to GOD. Fear not but GOD alone and you will be feared by the enemy who relies upon himself.

Come home, Children of GOD, to where you belong, within the bosom of His Mighty Hands that are stretched out to you across the lands.

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