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A Day of an Election???

A Day of an Election...

By Annette Lucille Lang



I Trust in the LORD in All that I do and All that I say.

I Trust the LORD in the morn when I pray

I Trust in My LORD to be by my side

I Trust in the LORD I take no pride


Where He leads Me I can never go off course

For He is My Light My Strength My Source

His perfect timing is etched in stone

From birth to withered bones


I Believe in His Word Spread by His Son

Of his siblings GODs Chosen One

To be Faithful and Trust in Him

Over and over time and time again


My testimony is many and more

The Keys to Life of many doors

That take me to a Higher ground

Of His Glory and Grace abound


I Trust in the LORD in All that I do and All that I say

I walk in Him each and every day.

DeCamp Diaries


Election Day



Sitting in the back of the Chinese bus eating fried chicken and a biscuit with a host of neighboring minorities and I’mmigrants on Election Day. The irony is, have we come that far from yesteryear?





Annette Lucille Lang


What year is this again? 1966, 96 or 2016

Not so sure, maybe it's the year when America was great again. Not sure when that was, but maybe by the end the bus ride when all the passengers have descended upon the nations capital, we'll know.



This Is a Collosal Shame

To think that we have come so far to come to this. This election. This projection. This story in American history. 11:26pm


We need to study Celebrity Apprentice to understand what his apprenticeship is based on.




(What happened America

What happened to your predictions and convictions and sentencings

Had it been brought to the forefront of your agenda?


What happened America was your eye so much on us that it became fixated with your fixer?


Did you really think that the propaganda that you feed your people on a daily would not have an affect on their disgestion and defecate this mess?


Was the advertising revenue so great that it could make America Great Again? What does Hollywood have for us now. Another reality show "The Coons, Balloons and bafoons?


What happened America did the marketing campaign of social, lineal and digital media backfire in you?


You know what? I can't even talk, write nor even think right now. This election is just too much. I've had a long day and I want to be thankful for that, so I think I'm going to bed.


Peace Out




The Jury is still out

But it ain't looking good.

Good Night )




We have to fear what we don't see nor what we don't hear. What didn't get said nor heard. What hasn't been said, what hasn't been seen? Obviously, we didn't see this. We didn't hear about this?

We need to see and hear who this silent "to our ears" majority is that just elected Trump. Let's start with looking at those electorals that gave him his numbers despite the majority numbers, where it is reported he is more than a million behind.




Then we need to look at the Brother or Sister within that silent majority that have been silently sitting right next to you. And you don't even know it. Because instead of looking at each other, we've been looking at the screen. Instead of basing our ideas of who each other is by getting to know them, we been busy trying to figure out where we stand (or rather sit) in front of the television set.


I want to implore the young people of color who felt it wasn't necessary nor in their benefit or agenda to vote for either candidate. It wasn't just about the candidates. It was about your ability to exercise your right to vote. That by not exercising this GOD given fought hard and long for, died for right to vote that you did indeed impact your very own life. By not exercising your right to vote, that you have compounded and vilified voter suppression and may have assisted in pushing voter rights back to reconstruction.


By not exercising your right to vote, allowed the silent majority to exercise theirs and increase in power percentage wide.


And not only was the presidency on the line, but across several states the death penalty was either reinstated, reinforced and reinvigorated.


Republicans won the Senate, they won the House, they won governorships and the won the confederate, I meant to say, the conservative Supreme Court that surpasses elections over life times.


So although you may think that you made a statement against "the system", you undoubtedly handed over your rights to the system.


Metro Diaries




I'm sure the confederate flags are boldly flowing across pastures this morning. The KKK is about to have a membership drive.



This was the first election without the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and there were 868 fewer polling locations and places where there was a lower AA voter rate. Come on, and there's no correlation. The media reported over and over and over again, promoting the fact that voter turnout was lower, but never correlated that lower % rate with the voter oppression with fewer voting locations and longer waiting times.





It has come to this featuring the KKK ironically walking across bridges of divide. David Duke, accepting the nomination although he lost; the Confederate flags dustily embracing flagpoles: and the Wall on Day 1. Today, Day 1.




This is a Spiritual Warfare. Time to put on your Armor. Time to set up your war room., get on your knees and sprint. Time to stop talking and start listening. Start listening to your youth. Start listening to your family and friends. Your neighbors and co-workers. Listening to your enemies and your competitors for what is not being sad nor seen. Time to start listening to the Silent Majority.



My heart is so heavy right now as I sit and watch Lyfe's Journey on Aspire and I pain for my Brothers. My Brothers. The Worlds Most Wanted Man and where he stands in that world. I pain as I think of my Son. My Son and the challenges he faces upon his journey. My Daughters and the challenges they face to face. My Nephews and Nieces. My future, Your future and Our future. But although my heart weighs so heavy right now, with each breathe it breathes and with it every heart beat it beats. As the beating of the drums across the African plain, from east coast to west coast, mountains high and valleys low. Each beat gaining pace.



We are not youse people. We are People. We are not youse people who have nothing to lose. We are People with everything to lose.



...but we are a resilient People with a bloodline that surpasses all resistance and we shall overcome and Rise.






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