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How did the truth of cutting down of the Apple tree become the Big Apple of lies?


One of the favorite mores of America has been our first President George Washingtons principles and honesty expressed through the fable of the "I cannot tell a lie..." cutting down of the Apple or cherry tree. We took pride on the integrity of not only America, but the worlds most powerful seat based on truth and transparency, which embodied the characteristics of the presidency. And now to have come to this, a president elect, whom has not even taken office yet, that has directly lied to our American face so many times since his inception of the campaign, to today's dishonest and deceptive tweets, that we cannot even sufficiently count them through his egregious rants and rhetoric.


What we need to contemplate on is how America has been so morally disintegrated to a point that lies has overshadowed truth where we have elected a man that has built his empire on deception through subliminal suggestions On how we have embellished the media and/or social media propaganda to conjure engagement based on sensationalism. We really have to take personal responsibility on how we as America has allowed our truth, integrity and morality become causalities of domestic divide and warfare. As in our pledge that has been embedded in our minds, "...indivisible, with liberty and justice for all..." , we must realize those words and have them become embedded in our hearts. The only way to Make America Great again is by uniting and becoming indivisible to become one America, with liberty and justice for All Americans, and not just a select 1% percent that is about to hijack our government and compromise our democracy. We can take back our land and save it from the erosion and decay from the monetarily gain of greed.


I implore each and every one of us before we point our finger to our neighbors that we reflect on the ones that are pointing back at us and examine the plank in our own eyes so we can take out the speck in our brothers. Let's pledge allegiance to each other through the United States of America and save our beloved country, with all of its imperfections, from corruption and deceit that is about to be our new normal.

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