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Big Brother is Watching: Legalized Illegal Survelliance

While they are perpetuating and perpetrating war overseas, simultaneously they are covertly perpetrating war against us in America. Not only were they criminalizing Obama's presidency and everyone one else, like Rice as criminals with so called illegal surveillance of puppet trumps tower, they were legally making illegal surveillance the law of the land. By signing an executive order to allow internet providers like Verizon and Comcast to sell our private data to the highest bidder, they opened the door to the richest plantation administration to buy our lives away, without us even knowing it.  Another step towards enslaving a people by manipulating the information of their everyday lives. That is an illegal act of surveillance far more advanced and disheartening than the make believe accusations against our advancements of the previous administration.

A must read below:

Plan ahead.  There are ways to limit some of the data that this new plantation administration can legally illegally gather, in addition to legally fighting through our constitutional judicial system.

Erase you history on your phoone on a daily

Check you settings and turn off your cookies

Clean up your history data and saving metadata

In settungs, ask permission to show your location

On your devices, go to setting, privacy and limit each apps privacy levels

In settings - privacy go to advertising and put on limit ad tracking

In privacy look at reset advertising identifier and view ad information

and Please, please, please Stop providing so much of your life on Facebook!!!

Wake the Fight Up!!!

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