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Birth of the tRRRumped

The Republican party became impregnated by hatred and racism when Obama was elected on Nov. 4th, 2008. The pregnancy gained acceleration in 2012 doubling down on it’s fury and rebuttal of President Obamas second term to a point where it regurgitated the birth of a trumped plantation administration in 2016. And now, the Republicans are desperately trying to cut the umbilical cord that ties itself to this diabolical delivery of the destruction of America. What goes around comes around is evident in how the Republicans denied and resisted President Obamas existence as President trying to diminish its relevancy. And now, that has come to fruition with trumped unprecedented, unbecoming, and unraveling of what America’s highest seat in the land has stood for. Their blind fury created an impotence that allowed our country to be inseminated by a foreign power that would breed a fetus of corruption; greed and hatred. and ultimately the destruction of democracy. Little did they know that their obstructionism of America’s first Black presidency would reverberate like a kryptonite to their own demise.

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