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Black Exposure

The Criminal Intent Behind trumped Staged Campaign Rally Production

The farce behind trumped at his well-staged campaign rally production was Blacks for Trump accused, by his own brother and later nephew, murderer and former cult member, Maurice Woodside, aka Michael The Black Man” Symonette. The one and same dismantled cult Temple of Love, headed by now convicted murderer cult leader, Hulon Mitchell, Jr., aka Yahweh ben Yahweh, whom till this day Maurice claims allegiance to. A longtime alleged member of murder and torture group called the “Death Angels”, associated with 14 murders, along with other bizarre occurrences throughout his life, Maurice once again was in the spotlight, this time in his role as a trumped supporter. “Michael the Black Man” was strategically placed directly behind trumped parading signs of “Blacks for Trump” for the world to see his black cronies. His signs even presented a pseudo website,, containing content that is just as outrageous as the man himself. A website that was just recently created in 2017 on Go Daddy.

trumped did you not do your homework or did you not even care or give a good thought to who you displayed behind you as a token black to be placed for sale in your shadows on your platform of bigotry, racism and fascism. Or maybe you thought that we as Black people would be easily swayed, fooled by your hypocrisy and subliminal advertising campaign and not challenge the validity of this so-called “Michael the Blackman” representing the African American community supporting you? You couldn’t find a legitimate “Black” person to stand behind you? Funny, your disguise will be your ultimate demise if you continue hiding your ignorance, behind your callous strategies designed to deceive and misrepresent a people you know nothing about.

Upon reviewing the crowd behind the podium, it is quite interesting that no one else is holding signs, that are normally prevalent in such rallies, but the Black for Trump crew, highlighting their stance amongst no other signs that could distract from theirs. Steve Bannon and former CEO and Chairman of Fox News propoganda at its's best. The "Black" "Youse people" agenda is far deeper and vast than is what is on the surface. The underlying realms are more diabolical and devasting than we all realize.

Leads crowd could not be more definitive in how trumped opened his first act of the staged campaign rally production.

To read more disparaging news coverage of the man behind the sign behind trumped go to the following link:

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