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Are you ready for the call?

When that phones rings, are you ready to answer? Does it depend on whose on the other end? What if you don't know who it is, are you ready for whatever. Whatever may occur or whatever may not. Whatever way your path leads, are you prepared to walk down that road? When you have door number one two or three or no doorknobs at all, are you up to making that decision or are you going to be forced to break into a door that wasn't even an option on your bucket list?


I ask these questions, because I ask myself. I ask GOD. And He answers me with me. To look at me and see the answers to myself. To see the answers that we can attain to open up doors to opportunity. Doors that lead to success.

Am I ready to answer that call?

Yes I am.

For whatever will be, will be. The futures not ours to see Que sera sera.

I think not, Que sera sera, I think the future is ours to see. For whatever will be what we will it to be, 'Kay Serara, Kay Chanel  or even Michelle.  As long as we have a will to do somethng then that alone will produce willpower.  And when we see our future clearly through Truth, then we can reach towards it willingly determined to allow not only our will but GOD's will to be true.


"It made news a few years back when we learned that Chocolate City, as majority-black Washington had long been known, wasn’t so chocolate anymore.

And the news today? Not only is the city’s African American population shrinking — almost half of the District’s 650,000 residents are white — but it’s getting harder to be black in the nation’s capital.

The city that had long been a beacon for the nation’s African American population — where slavery was outlawed nine months before the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, where segregated public schools were the first in the nation to be integrated after Brown v. Board of Education — has gone through more than just a huge demographic shift.

It is a change in the attitude of the city, the culture, the way we view and treat one another."

the above quotes are excerpts from The Washington Post


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