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We aint got time for family fights

It's time for our family to unite

To put the hurt feelings aside

And stop wallowing in our pride

The hawks are circling our nest

Coming after our very best

Snatching babies from our breast

This right now is our biggest test

It's called the Black Attack

Where they're stomping on our back

Trying to take us back

When they sold us on a rack

The enemy is on our heels

This threat is very real

This is the real deal

Our souls they're trying to steal

Let's keep our differences inside

Where on each other we can rely

Where bloodlines we don't deny

We all have to be on the same side

Cause no one can tell our story

About our triumphs and our glory

About our hurts and our pains

Our losses and our gains

Only united can we stand

To fulfill GODS plan

Birth of the original man

To protect the earths land

Only as a family

Deep rooted as a tree

Of our genealogy

Can we ever be free

Follow Me, follow me...

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