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Faux News network

After reluctantly viewing the Monday 09/12/20 cable Fox (so-called) News channel talk show Tucker Carlson broadcast, it is astonishing why they are allowed to be called a cable news channel as opposed to a politically biased propagandist network purporting fake news stoked on sensationalism. Carlson’s coverage bombastically reported a racially charged assessment of allegedly Black Lives Matter aka BLM and Biden supporters audio perpetrating violence and glamorizing the shooting of two LA police officers via a video produced by propagandist Drew Hernandez @livesmattershow as footage. Drew Hernandez, an anti-Black Lives Matter antagonist, who’s questionable on authenticity videos portray Blacks in nefarious ways and intents, proclaiming to be Black Lives matter protesters and/or supporters threatening communities and cities across the country. His daily twitter posts are filled with inaccuracies and falsehoods of what the Black Lives Matters peaceful protests and movement is and has been about. He is an alarmist and invokes fear, a self-proclaimed investigative journalist that threatens the validity of true journalism, portrayed on Fox as real footage instead of the scripted video that it is. His videos take the minutest actions of a few and reframes it as the majority stance of his targeted demographic campaign to disrupt and cause division within and against the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fox News has aligned with trumped’s rhetoric echoing his lies and deceit that reverberates louder and longer to the masses who depend and thrive on sensationalism acknowledging their grievances thru false reporting such as @livesmattershow. Capitalizing on trumpeds followers, and Fox viewers weaknesses impounds his propaganda creating a false reality and depiction of the world where, he and only he can save and/or rescue them from. Through false advertising, trumped has become their savior of sorts, and his Fox pundits have been his disciples disseminating fake news, spreading and invoking fear to their large audience causing divide and conquer tactics, that if unchecked, can give him victory to win another term in office. How can this be allowed to represent journalism on a major network that has the power to influence many of its viewers?

It is imperative, that the public, including the media, break down piece by piece, story by story, that malefices intent behind these untruths and reveal the scripted storyline of these so-called journalistic news coverage. It should not be accepted by the media core that sensationalism and propaganda replace unbiased truth and integrity in news journalism.


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