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Hello Black America! Today America just said hell-o back to Us  

Wake up Black America!  The dawn has arisen while we were asleep

from partying the night b4

celebrating walking through the door

not knowing what was in store

They running splashing mud in our face

Making our race their race

chasing us from place to place

Down to drawing the finish line

on their story undefined

of who they want us not to be

The fulfillment of their destiny

The only way to get past it

Is to ourselves we must admit

That we chose our journies to where we are

whether within or afar

Cause whatever paths we were forced to take

We had a choice of what we ate from our plate

So lets stop looking at each other for the answers to our truth

and start looking at each other for the answers of our truth

Cause America is not going to give Us

What we have given America's truth freedom and Justice

We must proclaim our place at the throne

And stop settling for m-f-ing doggy bones

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