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Humpty Dumpty trumpty on the Wall

The Humpty Dumpty Blacks for trumpty was again back on the wall;

Humpty Dumpty blacks for trumpty will have a great fall

When all the trumped forces and all the trumped men

Put his Humpty Dumpty cracked up blacks for trumped ass back in jail again.

All the media is purposely showing the dumbass negro footage over and over and over again. And then they had a nerve to interview this fake blacks for trumped villain like they were ignorant to how fake he is. His response and their coverage of that exemplifies so called fake news. And then not to mention the conveniently resurfacing of "Uncle Ben" from the woodworks of oblivion nowhere-land housing to the trumped "black friend" platform was more than coincidental, it was criminal. Humpty Dumpty blacks for trumpty and good ole Uncle Ben is trumped pulling out his black cats in the hat magic trick minstrel act. Now that's real!!



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