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I'm Back...

I'M Bbbbaaaccckkkkk!!!  Black and Back with a little poetry after a slight hiatus.



picture credits/links:  "Runaway Slave"

Punishments of South Carolina

Run nigga run…

We got you by the gun

We taking away your sons

So you can’t breathe again

Hide nigga hide

We got you blindsided

Racked up like cows hyde

Branded with bloodstains

Go nigga go

We don’t want you here no mo’

Get the f out the doe

Stop peeking thru our window panes

Cease nigga cease

No justice no peace

The new law of the land and streets

And you better not complain

Bleed nigga bleed

Got you wounded by our greed

Bite of our appleseed

Filling you with pain

Die nigga die

No longer multiplied

Your seMens we deny

Lynching of your brains

You see...

We can’t allow you to exist

No matter how hard you insist

No matter how long you resist

We will not desist

For we are your enemy

To disrupt your destiny

By all and any means

"You can never be let free,

From America’s slavery

You will never be free

Of American slavery!"

The above are the words they chant

Like a rabid dog they pant

Trying to stop you before they can’t

And they die out like a weeded plant


That Blackness they trying wipe off

Is a blood stain on their washcloth

Want just a touch from your skin’s edge

To cover up the red necks

That define their soul

Afraid they aint going grow

Life for them is ending slow

When color will white wash the land

Where all mankind stands

So understand where the fear stems from

The hatred comes from


Talking action where they can’t

Fear and hatred is their stance

Rooted in racism as a foundation

Divided by color lines of a plantation

Separating us from our selves

Taking food from our babies mouths

Feeding them lies of food for thought

Lies upon lies are what are children are taught


Because they know from which they came

Africa our motherhood is the same

Way warders and wanderers across the land

Before they die out taking all they can

And Africa will stand and unite as one

Across the land, We Will All Be One under the Sun

The African Diaspora will rise again

As the One and Only Original Man

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