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We have to stop looking at what's in front of the page and at what's in the back of the page, the stage and find out what's stuck stuffed in the middle lost somewhere. Because according to them, we don't read, or at the very least don't read past their headlines. We have to continue to look at what is the headline, the distraction that they want you to see, so you don't see what is in their content. We have to look at what's beyond those headlines, literally and figuratively. You know one of their sayings or myths is this question and their answer. "If you want to hide something from a black person, where do you hide it?" "In a Book."

If you tell a lie loud enough and long enough it becomes ones truth. Not the truth, but ones truth that their minds have slowly turned towards because that had been their vision. Their television, their univision, their computer accessed vision. So one has to watch what they are putting in their vision and what they are receiving from it. One has to decipher the messages that are in their vision, the receptor to your mind and sometimes heart is what you see and how you look at it. Are you looking at it from every perspective?

 Metro Diaries




I woke up this morning with a lot of thoughts on my mind,

Wasnt sure if it was coming from my head or my eyes

Was it the last thing I saw on tv last night

Or was in something in mind that was out of sight

Had my thoughts been a vision of what I saw on the screen

Or was it a variation of my own thoughts in a dream

You see what you constantly place in front of your vision

Can become embedded in your head and affect your dreams and decisions

Because those things that are on your mind when you go to bed

Will shape thoughts and visions of what you fixed on in your head

Like doubt or fear, anxiety to false realities

That are subliminally stored from what you hear and may not see

Cause the mind is a powerful thing that's absorbs what you may not even know

By watching an idiot box that can frame or stunt your growth

Murder, mystery, indecency and some much deceit

Draw emotions you may not have had prior to going to sleep

Then they get mixed in with your inner most thoughts

Conjuring up dreams the craziness of what you've been taught

Through the media, executives, producers of lies

That you allowed to become your truth when you rise

Not sure why you dreamt dreams that affects you in such a way

But just know how you wake up can affect the rest of your day

So, think about all the you do especially before going to sleep at night

Make sure your visions are of what you dream and want out of life

And not thoughts generated by the enemy

Trying to distract you with lies from your destiny.



Writing Moments

6:50am 30 min session



Message to myself



Mitch McConnell didn't even mention Trump prior to his election. We have to watch what is not being said and in what's being said.


Republicans got more % than any other president since 1988 with 13% of the Black vote. Percentage of what? 868 voting poll locations closed heavily in  African American, Hispanic and minority areas; The voting law and order protection of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 abolished, cast down; The Power of Advertising, projecting to the world, the audience, what you paid them to promote; The Power of the Media becoming your advertising platform and outlet to promote and distribute your agenda, and all without spending a dime of your advertising budget. Oh yeah, that's how you got to 13% of the vote.






Just figured out why Trumped is so adamant about climate control and global warming. Yes, because he has millions invested in the Dakota Pipeline. Yes, fossil fuels benefits his bottom line and those fellow ty-coons who are vested. But the main objective here is that the country most affected and its most detrimental to is Africa with 83% of the population there dependent on agriculture for survival. Another form, next to the implant of the aids virus, of mass annihilation of a continent.

Metro Diaries





You see, we have to start listening to our youth. Instead of getting angry at what they say, we need to ask them what they said. And what they mean. For everything has a meaning behind it. And then, we as parents, as mentors, as family members and friends:; we as leaders, occupations in this 21st Century, have to ask ourselves what affect did we have or did not have in that meaning.

We have to start listening to our youth, for not only are they our future, they are our today. And they can give their perspective in our community, that can add a piece to the puzzle that we are all trying to figure out.



Ann Lang



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