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Justice of Liberty; Fight for Our Lives


What we are dealing with today could have been predicted, when this trumped plantation administration began placing antagonist to the very institutions that they were charged with leading, on day one of this historic presidential misfortune of justice. This trumped plantation administration has spewed more hatred, racism and division and has made a reversal of justice more of a reality. When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed honorably on Rosh Hashanah, as a voice of righteousness, justice changed course and became the rare essence that needed to be preserved with a force and diligence that has ever faced America, with the capacity of changing the face of America.

This is the Absolute fight for our lives, as this is the most dangerous time ever for American democracy. This is the first time in American history, African Americans are aligned with White Americans in jeopardy for civil liberty and equality. For although, since its inception of the American dream, African Americans have been at the brunt of non-access and had to fight the resistance to that dream, this time is different, as we are in the midst of the defense of American democracy on the eve of authoritarian rule. What has always been a saving Grace, has not been the idea, but the constitutions of that dream. The Constitution, established in ideology and by-laws to create this euphoric country of united states where all are created equal, and have the opportunity for equality, and liberty and justice for all. The Constitution made available a foundation, that we as Americans, could fundamentally depend on to forge towards that dream. The Constitution delineated by our forefathers, despite racism, despite misogyny, despite greed, has always been that solid ground that we could all, as Americans, stand on to build, maintain and reform this nation full of dreams and opportunity…especially, at such a time as this.

To my fellow brethren of this American experiment, my fellow African Americans, whom have often been the hypothesis of that experiment, this time is different, this time is literally the fight for our and our descendants lives.  For without the Constitutions protections of possibilities, if we together are defeated in this quest, it will destroy not only our accomplishements since slavery, but the belief that we can one day stand on equal ground in the United States of America.

Justice died today

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Justice died today

Of the 21st century

Justice died today

Gender race equality

Justice died today

Peril of the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Justice died today

How long in this fake show will that Act survive

Justice died today

Passing on to us the Liberty torch

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died today

To keep Justice Alive we must stay the course

Roe vs Wade

Do not be afraid

Voting Act of '65

Because Justice died today

We must keep Justice alive


Justice died today

Justice and Equality for All

Justice died today

Is where Justice Ruth Bader Gingsberg stood tall

Justice died today

On Rosh Hashanah as a Tzaddik

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died today

A Great Person of Righteousness solidified in Holy ink





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