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Law and Order

The excerpts below are from a piece I was writing prior to the elections, on the notations of trumped's usage of "Law and Order".  I found it to be revalent to a piece that I have been working on to publish today in light of his newest executive orders.  Orders, that are far more reaching within the African American community than his recent ones, yet has recieved less scrutiny from the press.  Therefore, as a reporter of injustice, inequality and racism, I felt it my duty to breakdown them in laymens terms.  I shall start off with this prequesite that has significant social media implications to the term "Law and Order", then correlate it to that of the Nixon administrations same campaign premise of "Law and Order", and the ramifications of those terms turned into law.

"The irony of Trump pledging the he is the “Law and Order” presidential candidate is that it is not ironic at all. Actually is a well predicated manipulative subliminal campaign tactic preyed upon the most impressionable easily influenced people of our society. Tactics based on the premise of exuberating the state of America conjuring up peoples’ innate fears, anxieties and doubts in a robust media stream that has become disposable to his rhetoric.

Hands out to his marketing team to have chosen the entitled “Law and Order” verbiage. Let me explain the derivatives of those three words that, if not scrutinized and exposed to its truth, will be another trick this media magician has pulled out of his hat.

• Point one, the program “Law and Order is dubbed as one of the most successful long running series in the history of television. Statistics have proven that it is one of America’s favorite programs and most watched. So the entitlement of Law and Order already has resonated into the hearts, vision and projectory of American society. Heck, even outside of America, Law and Order is watched across several countries in various languages and formats. Ingenious, if I do say so myself."


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to reduce crime and restore public safety to communities across the Nation, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. It shall be the policy of the executive branch to reduce crime in America. Many communities across the Nation are suffering from high rates of violent crime. A focus on law and order and the safety and security of the American people requires a commitment to enforcing the law and developing policies that comprehensively address illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and violent crime. The Department of Justice shall take the lead on Federal actions to support law enforcement efforts nationwide and to collaborate with State, tribal, and local jurisdictions to restore public safety to all of our communities.

Fact check:  Actually, the Violent Crime Rate has dropped dramatically from 1994 to 2014 to its lowest rate in over 40 years as per the FBI Uniform Crime reports.  There has been a slight increase from 2015 to2016, but far from enough to claim carnage and oblivion of our inner cities.  These orders are based on fear that trumped invoked on his base through his majestic advertising campaign.


Sec. 2. Task Force. (a) In furtherance of the policy described in section 1 of this order, I hereby direct the Attorney General to establish, and to appoint or designate an individual or individuals to chair, a Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety (Task Force). The Attorney General shall, to the extent permitted by law, provide administrative support and funding for the Task Force.

(b) The Attorney General shall determine the characteristics of the Task Force, which shall be composed of individuals appointed or designated by him.

(c) The Task Force shall: 

(i) exchange information and ideas among its members that will be useful in developing strategies to reduce crime, including, in particular, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and violent crime; 

(ii) based on that exchange of information and ideas, develop strategies to reduce crime;

Note: We should be very weary of this next one, allowing the newly appointed proven racist attorney general Sessions to dismantle existing laws and replace them with his continued practice of racists law tactics that he has been governing and enforcing over Alabama for the past 40 years.  Even Coretta Scott King could be heard from her grave objecting to his new position, that was surly ingored in Congress.

(iii) identify deficiencies in existing laws that have made them less effective in reducing crime and propose new legislation that could be enacted to improve public safety and reduce crime;

Here's another, to evaluate data to trend it more towards what they are projecting to substantiate their new orders of law, affecting the African American community more than any other.  The reason being we are targeted more than any other community for injustices and lawless culture.

(iv) evaluate the availability and adequacy of crime-related data and identify measures that could improve data collection in a manner that will aid in the understanding of crime trends and in the reduction of crime; and

(v) conduct any other studies and develop any other recommendations as directed by the Attorney General.

The above is very indicative of Nixon's Controversial DC Crime Bill that became a model anti-crime package for the nation that was later enacted by Congress, against grave concern of it's racist connotations and implications.  Those bills pivoted the increase of incarceration of African Americans to skyrocket into the injustice criminal system that exist today.

Beware.... there's more to come.  I will break down the other orders on the next article.

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