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Let's Come Face to Race and Call a Spade a Spade

The ugly face of racism revealed itself to the world by electing this trumped plantation administration to administer its dirty work. Usually planted within the walls of the southern Bible belt, this abominable plan was strategized amongst the racists elite, to rise up on the backs of their poor brethren, in order to execute it. They infiltrated their poverty stricken generational breed, by aligning the nouveau riche trash of their lot, to ignite and open the old wounds that had been resonating with the influx of immigrants of African descent.



They tested the waters by allowing their bombastic tactics to generate and simmer the boiling water that was to implode, resurrecting the racists nationalism facade of the confederacy. They couldn't expose their diabolical agenda but found one who begged to be accepted in this exclusive billionaires funded club Citizens United and would do anything to become a member. They found that this person, whose name exuded the trumped persona, could be the instrument to promote the dogma of a fascist white supremacy. Although not skilled, intelligent nor sophisticated enough to be a member of the team, he could be the mascot, the court jester of sorts. Ignorantly narsasistic, who did not care about any appearance of impropriety, and willing to sell his soul to be in, would be the perfect presidential candidate to align himself with the wretched poor and displaced, the forgotten swamp and mountain people, along with the Bible Belt constituency.

Instituting a polarization that would revolt into a tyranny.

You cannot deny the hidden truth when it is uncovered by undeniable proven fact after fact upon fact. The truth is that the trumped administrations main objectives are to diminish the power of the Black people in the the United States and beyond. The dismantling, deregulation and repeal of the laws and policies disproportionately affect the Black and African American community more than any other ethnicity in this country and around the world. Racism, through institutional systemic policies and practices systematically incorporated through this administration aka plantation administration, is the manifesto, a resurgence of racism, it's tool, of white supremcy.  

By tearing down the monuments alone will not tear down the walls of the schisms of truth and justice, law and order of Blacks to Whites that have been incorporated since the 13th Amendment "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist in the United States."  White supremcy has been punishing Blacks ever since convicting us of crimes of freedom, justice and equality protest and due diligence.  Let's come face to race and call a spade a spade and speak truth to power.  That's the only way to tear down the walls of injustice, especially at such a time as this trumped plantation administration that is willing to shutdown our government to build even more.

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