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Lies, Lies and More Lies to Come!


If lies are prevalent and necessary on small scales, minimal issues, and minute matters, then how can we trust the enormity of running our country, based on a"truth and justice for all", especially when just-us is only representative of trumpeds inner circle? And not only stating a lie, but repeating the same, yet growing in numbers, over and over again. As previously stated, the fact of trumped methodology is "you tell a lie loud enough and long enough, it becomes ones truth".

The public display of a trumped up signing of executive orders, has been scripted to perpetuate slanted truths and falsehoods to cover-up the perilous power being placed on over democracy. This trumped administration has become representative of a team of persons willing to risk their own reputations, in order to execute his agenda of self indulgence.  trumped narcissistic ideology and actions has repudiated America's truth on racial disparity; economic inequality; the dangers of global sustainability; civic and social justice and so much more, weakening our infrastructure, which threatens our inept ability to sustain a dominant power presence around the world. America is now his stage to portray the biggest performance of his life, as president elect of the United States.


Keystone & Dakota pipeline

Feds into Chicago

Voter Fraud

Crowd estimates

Build Wall

Appeal ACA

Restart interrogation

Executive Order to Block Refugees


Immigration Executive Orders...

...and early this morning Voter Fraud investigation.  Now he's using U.S. policy to endorse his lies.

trumped lies has become our truth paving a dangerous path of destruction.


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