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Hey, we're looking for Leaders and we're calling All leaders to step up to the plate. Leaders in your home; leaders at your job; Leaders in your family; Leaders at your church, mass or synagogue. Leaders in your neighborhood and community. We're looking for Leaders all over the land to stand where you stand and lead yourselves. Stand where you stand, wherever that may be. Stand up and be not just understood because you stood, but be elevated because you stood up. You stood wherever it is, and took a stand, standing your ground. That's all we're asking for. For Leaders from every faucet and complexity of our being to stand where you stand for our African bloodline that connects our shades and our colors, our religions and our beliefs, our families and our traditions. Stand where you stand and see how much it counts. Counts to you. Counts for your family, your friends, your co-workers, and ultimately your country. Because from wherever you're standing right now, this ground in this land you're standing on right now in America, is your ground to stand on, your land to stand up in and claim it on the African American blood it was built on.

I stand as an African American woman deeply rooted in both soils. I stand as an GODLy American of African descent with a bloodline of a plethora of greats instilled within my family tree. I stand as a Culturally diverse strong Woman protecting her cubs while holding up her man against the tides that spread across the lands that connect them.

The tides. The tides that have turned towards us full force from its long strenuously slow steering that has brought us to this place in which we now stand.



Calling All Leaders to Stand where you stand in the land in which you stand!




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