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March on Washington 2020

As I had been watching the protests that erupted with the senseless killing of Floyd George, I have yearned to partake in the movement.  I have been to numerous marches for various causes.  Due to COVID and an health related issue with a residing family member, I have opted to stay put and express my views and input remotely.  However, while viewing that farce of a Republican convention, I felt compelled to do more.  Upon learning of the March on Washington 57th anniversary event, I decided to step out on Faith, with my mask, a plan of practicing social distancing and my 22 year old son in tow, to support the movement.  It proved to be one of the most pivotal moments for myself as well as my son.

The beauty of my Black people along with our Brown and White ssters and brothers convening all for a common cause, Justice for All.  There were families and friends, strangers and acquaintances, young and old, people for all walks of life, walking in unity and peace for the greater cause.  For a moment, it gave me hope that perhaps, we together could expound and expand on this movement to tear down the wals of racial injustice, indifferences and instituionalized racism.  At least if we could start breaking down the barriers piece by peace, in unity, we could at tap at the source of this racists foundation from the ground up.  I looked beyond the faces, and saw the souls that were similar in spirit, of different journeys, pains and struggles, successes and gains, and my heart beat along the steps we took together.  And as we emerged upon the Lincoln Memorial, I knew that day would be novel on the impact of its message and be critical in spiraling the unity present to the world.  It gave me hope to see so many of the younger generation participating and grabbing on and holding tight to the mantle.  It gave me pride to strength so many organiztions and groups, leaders of all ages, to demand in the face of, what I have deemed to be genocide, equal justice under the law.  It made me proud to be an America, that my ancestors have gave in blood, sweat and tears to build this nation to be a great as it is, and can and hopefully will be.

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