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Movie Title: Reversal of Justice

This photo optic is a message to HUMPty DUMPty trumptys base that the final nail has been put in motion of the coffin of the former presidency. What were the last words of the transitional phase, from President Barack Obama to the "Fake News President trump" That North Korea is your biggest foreign threat. Thus the last part of the movie series, "The Reversal of Justice", has begun. And what in better settings, covering up what's actually going on, than where the pieces began of this diabolical puzzled plan to destroy America by its own greed, racism and gluttony. It is of no coincidence that the Washington Posts boisterous lead perpetrating the "fake news" agenda of the trump show on foreign policy, was capitalized in the early morning newsfeeds of the day, TRUMP, KIM MEET IN DMZ. This plant-ation administration strategy from the onset, has sowed so called breaking news on the weekend, to diffuse the weeks ruses and perpetuate a false narrative for the upcoming one. This cover up of the horrendous performance and speech of trump amongst and to world leaders at the G20 summit, in Osaka, Japan, along with the nefarious public and secret encounters with Putin, by the trump show releasing the last of the reversal of everything and anything of the President Obama's terms in office, would be the Grand Master facade to distract.

...stay tuned...

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