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Our Warrior Brothers

Posted on February 22, 2020 at 6:10 PM

As we are nearing the last week of America's celebrated month of February for Americans of African descent whose identity, titles and struggles have morphed from slaves to niggas, Negroes to Blacks to todays's African Americans, I'd like to honour a Brother, a Leader and a martyrer, Malcolm X.   February 21st marked the 40year assisination of Malcolm X at the Renaissance in Harlem, 1964.  Lately, with the emergence of documentaries that have flushed the airwaves, reaching a new generation on a more broader international scale, the conversation has begun to be at the forefront of the media, including major networks.  In this era of uncertainty based on an avalanche of advertiements of lies and deceit, it is evermore important and relevant than ever to bring and speak truth to power.  For that is what Brother Malcom stood for, lived for and died for, speaking Truth to Power.  And just as today, as yesterday, as American history has consistently fought us with, the narratives and tactics that were contrived and have survived, have always been projected through hidden darkness instead of through the Light and Greatness that has bestowed brazenly through Our ancestral Dark Skin.

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