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Post Election

the day after the 2016 Presidential election, elementary school kids were crying, terrified to a point where parents had to come and retrieve their grieving children.

neaToday, a news and feature website by the National Education Association published the following the election, November 9th, 2:01pm,

‘I’m Going to Reassure Them That They Are Safe’: Talking to Students After the Election" by Cindy Long.

"Demetrio Gonzalez, president of United Teachers of Richmond CTA/NEA acknowledges that in the wake of the election, there are students and kids hurting.

“The election results will have a traumatic experience on our students,” he says. “The best thing we can do today is be there for them, talk to them about their experience, and listen. Hold them and tell them we love them, and that in moments of uncertainty and fear, we have to hope and believe we will have a brighter tomorrow. We can reassure them that this country was built in the backs of people who persevere and people who have gone through struggle. Hold that sad student a little tighter and please do not forget to also take care of yourselves in your incredibly challenging roles, but remember that at times we are all they got. ”

the day after the 2016 Presidential election, the KKK marched boldly and proudly celebatory across a North Carolina bridge.

Although the media; the same media that debunked us and trumped us; is saying that they have debunked the alleged photo of the KKK walking across a North Carolina bridge with the Klan hoods on the day after the election, they were Trumped supporters waving their Confederate flags, whose majority of constituents are historically deeply rooted within KKK.  Hate garb on or off, you're the same people to me, who boldy, in place of robes, gallantly walked across the bridge waving your Confederate flags on Day 1.

"KKK on the bridge in Mebane, NC this morning," wrote Twitter user @kelbi1lewis, along with the photo.

"The KKK in North Carolina

Despite there being no proof behind the viral claim, Alamance County was one of the major early hotbeds of KKK activity in North Carolina.

In an 1870 incident known as the Kirk-Holden War, a band of Klan supporters from Alamance and Caswell counties attempted to capture the town of Pittsboro in neighboring Chatham County. They were defeated by a militia formed by Gov. William Holden, who also arrested some prominent Klan supporters. That infuriated white supremacist state lawmakers, who soon made Holden the first governor in U.S. history to be impeached and removed from office. Holden was pardoned by the N.C. Senate in 2011.

The contemporary KKK has also found support in the central area of the state, called the Piedmont, which includes Alamance County.

"In North Carolina, one of its banner states, the modern Klan thrived among mill workers and other blue-collar laborers in the Piedmont," according to the 2006 book Encyclopedia of North Carolina."

PolitiFact North Carolina

the day after the 2016 Presidential election, prison stock skyrocketed by over 50%

"Stock prices for the country’s two largest private prison contractors skyrocketed Wednesday after GOP nominee Donald Trump claimed victory in the U.S. presidential election.

The largest private prison contractor, CoreCivic ― which recently changed its name from Corrections Corporation of America ― saw its stock shoot up by more than 58 percent shortly after morning trading began. Stocks for the second largest contractor, GEO Group, rose by more than 28 percent. Over the next few hours of trading, both stocks came down somewhat from those peaks, but remained strong."


Today is my grandbaby's birthday, and the best I feel I can give her on this day is the commitment and promise to do everything in my power to protect her future.  To stand guard at the doors of truth and justice so when she supasses me to the future, she is standing on fair ground to take what paths She chooses to walk freely.  When my granddaughter, in the second grade told me how her friend, who happens to be Hispanic was crying and her mother had to come to get her and console her, it tore into the very soul of my being. 7 to 8 years old.

What is our response Black America?  Where can and will we effectively enforce our power loudly and brazenly sending a message to the Silent Majority that this is not acceptable. That we are united from many platforms as People of Color, and that when you target young African American Males for your prison system profit or when you attack Muslims, you are attacking our fathers and sons, our sisters and brothers, our mothers and our daughters. That when you target immigrants, you target I-migration, which consist of all us, except that we were stolen from and stripped of our African heritage, and were forced to migrate from south to north, east to west, state to state.

As Howard University President Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick continues to state and emphasize Howards 150th Anniversary theme, "The Time is Always Now."  The time is always now.  Not tomorrow, later, another time, but now.  Now as you're about to sit down at dinner.  Now as getting your children ready for school tomorrow.  Now as you warn your son the dangers he faces walking out the door for the day.  Now, as you're scrolling thru your iphone or flipping channels or planning your upcoming Thanksgicing family gathering.  The Time Is Always Now.

As stated by the eoloquent speaker, Rev. Dr. Leslie Callahan Pastor, St. Paul’s Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sermon at Howard University Rankin Chapel this morning, "...if you can't fly, then drive; if you can't drive then walk; if you can't walk, then talk, but move."  

The Time Is Always Now.

Unity. Empowerment. Commitment. Knowledge.

Rev. Dr. Leslie Callahan Preview - Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel Choir

Post-election Reflections with Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jelani Cobb

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