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Secret Squirrel Sessions

While the attention was on the plantation administration abroad running amok, their overseer sessions has been laying down the law of the trumped land.  The Attorney General of the most corrupt populated prison system that exist, not only in America, but the world, was setting policy and procedure to the mininum maximum of capacity.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions is making his federal case state by state deregulating, abolishing, redacting; reenacting and enforcing the laws of the new slave trade, prison (although, that was established over 200 years ago with the 13th Amendement).

On Feb. 27th, Attorney General Jeff Sesions stated he is reviewing the current policy of enforcing federal law that prohibits possession of marijuana, although not revealing a decision on whether or not to get tougher on the laws.  According to the ACLU's "The War On Marijuana in Black and White, "Every 0.01 hours someone in the United States is arrested for having marijuana; a Black person is 3.73 times More likely to be arrested than a White person."  

Fast forward to May 12, 2017 headlines (or shall we say, under the headlines), Jeff Sessions Re-Escalates the Drug War by Ordering Prosecutors to Seek Maximum Sentences.  U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a memo to U.S. attorney's offices across the country ordering federal prosecutors to seek the toughest charges and maximum possible sentences available to any and all drug crimes.  Redacting and reversing President Obama's policy to avoid mandatory minimum sentencing for low-level drug crimes.  Due to the Obama administrations efforts, the federal prison population dropped for the FIRST time in thirty years in 2014, and has continued to fall since then...until trumped sessions on law.

And we can't give full credit to the trumped puppet, Congress failed, or really didn't even try, to pass criminal justice reforms by deadline, allowing sessions to reverse the Obama administration reformed policies.  The green light has signaled the proceeding of the criminalization of the criminal justice department.

More prisoners for the slave trade prison system.  Free labor in a capitalistic society run by the greedy trumped for profit plantation administration.

Most of the sessions attention has been on making America great again comparable to the early 1800's when the slave trade skyrocketed America's wealth to the most richest on earth.   

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