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I believe, since the ending of the constitutional slavery, after years of evolving, the institutional, psychological, financial slavery is now in full bloom with greater threats to generations to come due to its in-depth affects and embellishment of the mind and spirit of the African American soul. What reinforces this triple threat, is the ignorance of our past, our history, that is so vital to the psyche of our foundations which we need to stand strong on to rise.

They have separated us so far away from one another causing divisions used to fight against us and each other. It is imperative that we start looking at each other again by starting back to looking at ourselves. Knowing who we are and where we come from will provide us with the tools necessary to form the weapons to overpower our enemies. Stop pointing your finger at your neighbor when you need all of them, even the ones pointing at yourself, to shake hands in agreement that we are all of African descent and only as one can we empower ourselves.

I implore you my dark skinned and light skinned sisters and brothers, my northern and southern blacks, my Israelite to Christian and Islamic servants of the same GOD, my native Africans, American, Caribbean, Indian family, my old and young generations to realize it’s our differences and similarities that define and unite us as One.

Posted on April 18, 2018 at 8:45 PM

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