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St. Judes

I have been contributing to St. Judes Research Hospital for many years now.  It was one of the first non-profits that I have ever contributed to.  They have helped so many children, babies, families for FREE.  They have saved so many lives just because they can. No profit behind it, no gains, but to the fact that these doctors, nurses, technicians, research analyst, Volunteers, people can help save lives.  Please donate to them, even $2 is worth more than just 2 sensibility of your time.  It could save a life or two or yours.

And to find out that this....this...has stolen from them for mere greed. That trumped's family has gained from someone else's loss; the fact that trumped disintegrated, probably the only thing that his son could try to do for good of his own being, is a disgrace.  

"That you would take what your very own son did for good and make into an atrocity is inauspicious."

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