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The Black Attack Series


John Wilson, 92; African-American artist who rose to prominence often exploring politics and justice in his prints and sculptures

To reveal the fallacy of the narrative that has been plastered on the walls of America, would take a great deal of time and volume. Even to the most advent reader, one would descend to boredom from too much information and conspiratorial literature in one setting. Therefore, it is necessary that these revelations be in a series of articles, to ensure the profound messages it entails, will be absorbed into the psyche.

The propaganda of our new presidency is to cause confusion to ignite chaos. The chaos which erupts from racists, classists, narcissistic, and misogynistic rhetoric implores the need to contain order by our newly elected officials. Therefore, making it easier and legal for them to justify taking control of our Constitutional rights used against us to enforce their agenda. And that agenda, the ultimate one of this administration, is the “Black Attack”. The Black Attack is the total destruction and annihilation of the African diasporas dominant influence and impact around the world, which has diminished the concept of white supremacy. Each dismantling, deregulation and divestment of this administration since day one, will be proven to the ultimate detriment of the African lineage targeted specifically towards African Americans. Topics addressed will pertain to weapons of government created to subvert our advances, including those of Obama’s presidency. The Muslim ban; Most Muslims countries in Africa affected where over 100 African delegates were denied Visas for African Summit in US; Immigration laws; affecting immigrants of African descent more than our Mexican brothers. Climate change; affecting countries of Africa more than any other areas in the world. Dismantling the Board of Education and developing so called School choice; affecting a larger ratio of disadvataged African American children more than any other ethnicities. Gutting healthcare and repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare and destroy Medicaid expansion. FCC laws making it more difficult for minorities and women broadcast ownership. trumped budget; eliminating programs like Wheels on Meals and after school care.  Net Neutrality and the FCC blocking 9 communications companies from providing free internet services to poor families. Private prisons;Americas modern day slavery  The new Law Enforcement executive orders increasing policing powers; Voter suppression.  The unfunding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting affecting PBS Kids pre-school education programming for underserved children. The list goes on and on and on.

This Black Attack series will methodically and systematically dissect the plot behind the ruse that this administration continues to perpetuate. The hope is to expose, piece by piece the intrinsic fallacy of this administratons puppeteers to its true doctrines that has had a paralyzing effect on our communities, and awaken our abstract reasoning to resist and fight for our GOD Given right to live valiantly and freely.

Stay tuned and please return to review the trajectories that will lead us to truth, overshadowing lies and deceit, article by article, piece by piece, over the next few weeks.


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