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The Coup

The economic edifice of the filthy rich has purchased and taken over America through analytics and metrics miraged by media sensationalism. They preyed on the abandoned weak and impressionable poverty stricken of their kind by manipulative subliminal seduction of make believe. Making believe that they cared. Making believe that they were of the same relatable kind. That their wealth would be alongside and uplift their stance to Make Believe America Great Again, like the “good ole days” of yesteryears. The best channel to broadcast their message to the masses was an analytical media plan targeting their base. The repugnant way the media had publicized the news from fact base to sensationalism was appealing to pivot its advertising campaign. The media, an eventual casualty of these self-proclaimed Citizens United, fixated their viewers on the rhetorical propaganda advertised by the alternative right. Standing on and soon trampling their base with fearmongering obscure responses was enough to placate the provincial mind into captivity. These persuasive audiences capture weakened and paralyzed their fighting power surrendering their metrics to the presidency. Not even realizing that they were just mere collateral damage to achieve the alt-rights ultimate diabolical manifesto. And that is the obliteration of the African influence on the west with the legitimacy of the first African American President of the United States.

This nationalistic emergence is reminiscent of darker days in our history when injustice laid the ways to and from the fields.

Keep your eyes wide open looking forward so we don’t blindly walk backwards.


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