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So much time away, so much to write about.

Trust in GOD's timing.  Trust when things don't go your way, that there may be a reason behind it.  They say "everything happens for a reason."  but I believe, every moment, minute, second, happens for a reason.  So I guess that entails under "everything", I guess.  Moving on, as I was moving along my way this morning, well yesterday morning, after dropping my granddaughter off to school, I came across the following at a Metro station. By the end of my day, a series of events had occurred that even emphasized those early morning words even more so.

Words for Today










This observation of this revelation as a result of our desolation about to get in a machination under sedation within the evaporation a validation is the valuation of our due compensation.

Sitting at the Suitland metro seating booth,

Receiving the message through a strangers fruit that was written on a glass wall.




9 words of completion.

Thanks for using your platform as a vessel.

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