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What If

What if exactly what the research data from the APM Research Lab as following, was the actual goal of this administration’s fake ignorance and intentional avoidance of this COVID19 pandemic?

• Overall, actual American death rates from COVID-19 data (aggregated from all states with available data and the District of Columbia) have reached new highs for all race groups:

o 1 in 1,450 Black Americans has died (or 69.7 deaths per 100,000)

o 1 in 1,950 Indigenous Americans has died (or 51.3 deaths per 100,000)

o 1 in 2,450 Pacific Islander Americans has died (or 40.5 deaths per 100,000)

o 1 in 3,000 Latino Americans has died (or 33.8 deaths per 100,000)

o 1 in 3,350 White Americans has died (or 30.2 deaths per 100,000)

o 1 in 3,400 Asian Americans has died (or 29.3 deaths per 100,000)

• Black Americans continue to experience the highest overall actual COVID-19 mortality rates— about 2.3 times as high as the rate for Whites and Asians, who have the lowest actual rates.


What if as the Atlantic reported, the up to 4000 percent influx of illegal fireworks, are aligned with the same targeted cities of the so-called Law and Order stance taken by the propaganda Whitest House of America, were not a coincidence but strategically and agitatedly targeted?

“Last week, the New York City news site Gothamist reported a nearly 4,000 percent increase in fireworks complaints from the same period last year. In Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Boston, residents have reported an unusual uptick in fireworks. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Hartford, Connecticut: fireworks. In Greenville, South Carolina, and Columbus, Ohio: fireworks!”

Donald Trump has vowed to send federal officers to several American cities led by Democrats in what critics say is an attempt to play the “law and order” card to boost his bid for re-election.

The president’s threat came after a federal crackdown on anti-racism protests in Portland, Oregon, that involved unmarked cars and unidentified forces in camouflage.

Speaking to reporters at the White House on Monday, Trump identified New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore and Oakland as places in need of federal agents, describing those cities’ mayors as “liberal Democrats”.

“We’re sending law enforcement,” he said. “We can’t let this happen to the cities.”


What if the pushback to schools amongst COVID19 could negatively and disproportionally effect Black and Brown students more than their white peers as quoted former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb in a CNBC Health and Science news article, was just the projected results and data that motivated this charged push from the Whitest House of America since slavery.


• President Donald Trump tweeted last week that schools in “Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, along with many other countries” were “open with no problems.”

• But young people in the U.S. are at higher risk of getting sicker than young people in those countries, former FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb said.

• About 6 million U.S. children under the age of 18 have asthma, according to the CDC, and the agency notes that Black children suffer from asthma at more than double the rate of White children.

Children in the U.S. are more likely than kids in other countries to have underlying conditions that place them at an increased risk of becoming severely sick with Covid-19, complicating the U.S. debate over how and whether to reopen schools this fall, former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said Monday.

What if the very facts and data communications between state, local, and federal law enforcement in the face of the nationwide protests, (according to recently leaked documents posted under the title Blueleaks), was intentionally ignored, slanted and skewed to sow propaganda and unjustly target and attack peaceful protestors through unprecedented military force by the Whitest House and humpty dumpty trumpty to avoid his fall and fulfill the Republican/Russian commitments of the demise of civil liberties of people of color.

In the weeks since Barr’s statement was issued, The Intercept has published accounts of FBI agents in multiple states targeting individuals with a perceived relationship to antifa for interviews and potential informant work. Meanwhile, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, an official fundraising arm of the president, has been running campaign ads urging donors to send money to show support for the administration’s antifa enforcement campaign.

Yet the leaked materials show that on May 29, two days before Trump tweeted that antifa would be labeled a terrorist organization and Barr issued his DOJ statement, the president’s own DHS analysts issued an open source intelligence report detailing how a white supremacist channel on Telegram, an encrypted messaging service, was encouraging followers to capitalize on the unrest by targeting the police with Molotov cocktails and firearms.


What If the culmination of disproportionally COVID deaths amongst people of color and older Americans; deaths of Black men by police; military forces arresting peaceful protestors at alarming rates; the opening of business against CDC guidelines affecting essential workers consisting Black and Brown peoples astronomically higher than their white counterparts; they push to reopen schools where public schools of Black and Brown children can and will be exposed to and be affected more by the pandemic than their white peers, were all part of a diabolical nefarious plan of Black genocide and voter suppression in America to make America White Supremacy again.

What if is What Is.

And what is, is this…It’s not what he’s saying, but what he’s doing. Of how he has rescinded, deregulated and abolished almost every great accomplishment of America’s first African American president and tried his best to tarnish his legacy. It doesn’t matter what he is tweeting but what this administration has been doing to take civil rights and racial inequities and injustices as far back even beyond the civil liberties attained through the civil rights movement. This administration, with the foundation of the Republican party to stand on, main objective and target has been Black people and People of Color, to promote and reestablish white supremacy. The bottom line is that trump is a long-time family embedded racist, that was elected on the premise of that, and has accomplished his mission to do so, without much impedance, but more impudence.


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