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WwwwaaaaKKKeeee the Fight up!!!!!!!

Wwwwaaaakkkkeeee the Fight up!!!!!!!

Wake Up My Black, Brown, Mocha with many hues and Colored, African, American Sistas and Brothas!!!  While you were sleeping, these were the last 24 hour headlines, statements and media.

"Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA Director...from Koch Brothers." 

He don't want to be trumped in the house where niggas slept.

"Attorney General possible Jeff Sessions."

Steve Bannon

"General Michael Flynn National Security Advisor"

No debate about it. Just done. NSA fired from.

"Russian Putin sitting at the same table."

"Fired from the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014"

"Fear of Muslims is rational."

"Kill the wife and the child of a terriorist...(trumped) "...even if innocent."

Calls "Islam a political ideaology hiding behind a religion."

Jeff Sessions, "Law and order."

"Attorney General mustt be non partisan and must be for all of America."

Sessions stated, " was good news" when the Voting Rights Act was struck down by the Suprem Court in 2013.

Immigration laws can be changed by him.

DOJ has power to prosecute as non Partisan is supposed to seek justice and equality for All Americans regardless of race, religion and or gender.

"I am extremely disappointed I couldn't serve as judge and they found me not qualified as a judge 39 years ago."

Stance on African Americans and crime, and how he's intertwined them, will validate fear.

"Racially charged language and actions. Will he be confirmed?" Confirmation to make America White Again.

We are going in the opposite direction of where civil rights, Islam, global warming has advanced over the last 8 years of the OBama administration.  

"Donald is about results."

Results in his favor to make America White Again.

Bannon "if we deliver we govern for 50 years."

Do we need anymore wake up calls? do we?  okay here goes...

WwwwaaaaKKKeee the Fight up!!!!!!!

Stay tuned because I'm working on something that can work for all of us and not cost you much at all on "Black Friday".  More like a Black "Empowerment" Friday, where I'm going to need us, not them, you, not they, we, you and I to participate and get the word out joining us together to create One movement, by one movement by one movement.  get it?  I'm working on as we speak...or blog...or convene. the meantime listen to my Uncle Sam's first studio recording of one of his millions of masterpiece words either through his poetry, music, encouragement, in conjunction with a young rapper producer whereby I have to get his name and credit of this production.


Wow, while I was trying to figure out how to upload my Uncle Sam's song...I found this lil peAce of spoken word I did a couple of years back in my Hometown New York City Baby...(from The before it was Boogie Down, Bronx Baby.  Spreading the knowledge runs in the Family, from Jersey to New York down to the DC corridors back to Jersey again all across the country, all around the world.)

I'm going to have to get back with you on that one, too hard right now to try to figure how to upload.  go to get back the "Black Friday", Black "Empowerment" Friday...stay tuned!

Found it




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